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Anaheim investigates police shooting incidents, weekend conflicts (Video)

Photo by Dave Conner via Flickr Creative Commons

Anaheim police were involved in two fatal shootings over the weekend. Officers shot and killed a gunman early Monday during chase having to do with a stolen SUV. On Saturday, an unarmed man, Manuel Diaz, was shot during a clash with police and later died. Officials said Diaz appeared to be engaged in suspicious activity in a high crime neighborhood.

Saturday's killing led to protests at the Anaheim police station and a number of emotionally charged community rallies, some of which turned violent. Robert Dunn with Anaheim PD spoke with KPCC about the "armed versus unarmed" question regarding the Saturday officer involved shooting which killed Diaz. 

"Two uniformed officers observed three males near a vehicle and wanted to speak with those males. All three males ran away on foot from them (officers). One of our officers went on foot pursuit chasing one male from the alley to the front of an apartment complex.

As that male was running he threw several items. It was during that encounter, in front of the apartment complex, that the officer-involved shooting occurred.

And, that, the mechanics of that, are what’s under investigation, what precipitated that is what the DA is looking into. But we have not located a gun at the scene."

Police are not saying how the shooting occurred, or what might have prompted the officer to shoot at Diaz. "The only thing I will say to that is that no gun was located at the scene," said Dunn.  

In late June, Voice of the OC reported that Anaheim would be commissioning an independent investigation of major police incidents, including shootings. At the time, City Manager Bob Wingenroth said the move was in reaction to community accusations of "wrongful shooting deaths by police officers."

KPCC reporters are in Anaheim Monday gathering details on the situation. We'll have more information as it develops.



CBS News aired video of a police a K-9 dog let loose in front of a group of children, and officers firing rubber bullets into a crowd during a rally.

OC Weekly posted a number of civilian videos taken during reaction incidents in the community. Video 1 shows the corner of Habor Boulevard and La Palma Avenue, near to the neighborhood where Diaz was killed. Video 2 show La Palma Avenue, near St. Anthony Claret Catholic Church. 


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