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Santa Monica smoking ban loses fire until further notice

Real sign hanging on a Santa Monica Pier building, circa 2008.
Real sign hanging on a Santa Monica Pier building, circa 2008.
Photo credit: Lisa Brenner

In Santa Monica, some new renters can still smoke if they got em'. The seaside city has shelved a smoking ban until further discussion with the public. 

On Tuesday night, the Santa Monica City Council voted 4-to-2 to temporarily put out the law approved earlier in July that would have banned smoking for new tenants in apartments and condos. 

Critics argue that the law, as it is written, is a violation of smokers’ civil rights. City councilman Robert Holbrook told KPCC's Ashley Bailey that he’s been hearing from some constituents who strongly object to the law.  

"I want the public to realize it’s very controversial," said Holbrook. "We all receive e-mails. I’m not sure if yours are the same as mine, but accused of being Nazi and Hitler disciple and everything else."

Before moving forward with a smoking ban council members want to address issues brought up by the public, medical marijuana advocates and landlord groups. 

Santa Monica already bans smoking at city beaches, restaurants and near buildings.