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Rawesome milk man roughed up, 'arrested' by bounty hunters

Screenshot via YouTube

An arraignment is scheduled Monday for renegade raw-milk man James Stewart who was booked by Ventura County Sheriff's deputies last week.

Stewart's capture was captured on video, and shows the Rawesome Foods founder being handled by bounty hunters who came to "arrest" the raw milk man after he failed to show up in court twice.

"Why treat me so horribly," yelps the handcuffed 65-year-old in the video as he's seen bent over the back of a vehicle with his face pressed against the windshield.

Skipping bail to the total tune of $130,000 Stewart was tracked down with the help of Organic Pastures owner Mark McAfee, who put up personal collateral for one of the bonds, The Complete Patient reports.

"They could have put a lien on my home," McAfee told the food action website, expressing sadness over the situation and questioning Stewart's decision to fire his legal representation in favor of a "soverign-man" strategy. 

The Rawesome members-only co-op in Venice made headlines when Stewart was arrested twice in 2011 on allegations including illegally selling raw milk and illegally raising funds. A multi-agency SWAT team -- including the FDA, L.A. County district attorney's office, and local police --  ordered the place to close.

California allows sale of raw milk under strict laws governing production and sales. Raw food supporters claim health advantages and cite personal rights issues. The FDA says drinking raw milk can expose a consumer to harmful, potentially deadly bacteria.


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