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J.C. Penney letters plucked in latest San Fernando fast one

Photo by Mike Kuniavsky via Flickr Creative Commons

In San Fernando, even the department store carries scandal. A company allegedly hired by J.C. Penney was filmed over the weekend attempting a late-night signage grab from a building awaiting decision on its possible future as a historic site.

The L.A. Times reports that J.C. Penny and the landlord had been notified that no part of the sign or building at 1140 San Fernando Rd. was to be touched before the Aug. 20 hearing.

Mayor Pro Tem Antonio Lopez, who arrived at the scene after receiving a call, called the tactic "sneaky" saying the company's name and equipment license plate were covered by a rag. The letters were replaced some time later.

San Fernando recently fired the chief of police and has been busy with no less than two sex scandals while facing a number of official position recalls and resignations.

(Video h/t LA Weekly)