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EBay will no longer do your magical bidding: Hexes, potions, spells banned

Screenshot via eBay

Come September, the agoraphobic alchemists of the world will need to find a new online auction site to bid on the supernatural wares of the netherworld. 

eBay announced in its "2012 Fall Seller Update" that the company will be banning the sale of potions, hexes, spells, blessings, magic, healings, psychic readings, and other such offerings. We're not sure what this means for haunted jewelry.

With more than than 6,400 listings the "Spells, Potions" category alone, the metaphysical market is anything but a website graveyard. Nevertheless, the company's decision to cut the charm is a part of an effort "to help build confidence in the marketplace for both buyers and sellers," according to the policy update.

Online craft empire Etsy also revised its listing policy recently to comply with legal regulations, and in some cases, items that were "just not in the spirit of Etsy," according to the announcement on their blog.

Hair and teeth are still cool (whew) but drug paraphernalia, dangerous chemicals and body parts / human remains are no longer acceptable. 

A cursory search of the sites turned up a treasure of Los Angeles-area sellers, should your spectral requisties demand a local, and hopefully well-intentioned manifestation.