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Male birth control pill gets closer to mingling with medicine cabinets

Photo by l'uomo che toccava i cavalli via Flickr Creative Commons

Male birth control pill researchers say they've found a drug that's man enough to possibly mingle with medicine cabinets someday.

The bro control, dubbed JQ1, "swiftly stunted sperm production," in male mice, by blocking an essential protein needed for production, reported ABC News.

Published Friday in the journal Cell, researchers from Baylor College of Medicine said that because of certain similarities in human and mouse proteins, "we envision that our discoveries can be completely translated to men, providing a novel and efficacious strategy for a male contraceptive." 

Some physicians wonder if the concept of curbing sperm production would be scary for men. Others suggest that men might welcome a non-vasectomy option. 

Would men take a birth control pill if one ever came to market?