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'Glen Bearian', the Glendale bear, to become a Colorado bear

This undated image provided by Kelly MacDonald shows a bear known as
This undated image provided by Kelly MacDonald shows a bear known as "Glen Bearian" in the La Crescenta area near Glendale, Calif. The bear that has inspired the creation of a Twitter account because of his frequent forays to Glendale was tranquilized July 15, 2012.
Kelly MacDonald/AP

The 400-pound black bear that had made itself comfortable all across Glendale is now hanging out in a temporary respite, awaiting a permanent home far, far from here.

State wildlife officials had already tranquilized and transported the furry guy back to the Angeles National Forest twice. So they decided it was best to relocate him, says the Glendale News-Press:

Inside the trap, bacon and honey were waiting.

“He was eating away and he closed the trap,” said Andrew Hughan, spokesman for the California Department of Fish & Game. “It was a pretty clandestine operation.”

So much so that Hughan said no tranquilizer was needed for the Glendale bear known affectionately as “Meatball” – a reference to his early affinity for frozen meatballs packed in a home’s garage – and by his Twitter persona, “Glen Bearian.” Once he was captured, there was no fuss.

The bear’s first stop is at the Lions, Tigers and Bears animal rescue shelter in Alpine where he'll wait until officials transport him to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado where he’ll live out the rest of his life.

Bear sightings have grown common this spring (and animal experts say it’s our tasty trash that keeps them coming back). Although some people find the bears’ company cute and inviting, wildlife officials say it poses a safety hazard and the bear always faces the possibility of being shot or put down.

Some cities like Monrovia have encouraged residents to use bear-proof trashcans (and, in fact, a community meeting in Monrovia is scheduled for next Friday... all about urban bears).