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Benetton asks young people if they have what it takes to NOT find a job

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Do you have what it takes to not find a job? If so, United Colors of Benetton may be looking for you.

Evocative of a Derelicte origin story, Benetton's "UnEmployee of the Year" campaign is putting the "press" back in economic depression with a new contest to make fashionable the stifled faces of the world's young and jobless.

Created through the company's UNHATE Foundation, the contest was broadly designed to "focus public opinion on the changing work environment facing young people on a global scale," according to the official rules.

100 NEETs — young people described as "Not in Education, Employment or Training" — will be awarded €5,000 each in prize money to fund personal projects that "reflect the philosophy and fundamental values of the UNHATE Foundation."

"A homage to today's youth," the contest's film dramatization (see below) does the heavy lifting in identifying what those values are. It also describes itself on YouTube

"The film is an unfiltered portrayal of the everyday life of four young NEETs. We see how they fight to find a job while at the same time fighting for their dignity, against indifference and stigma."


1. Be a person. (it really says that)

2. Be "unemployed." 

3. Be 18- to 30-years-old.

4. Be on Facebook.

5. Register with UNHATE to upload project details.

6. Applications accepted from Sept. 18 to Oct. 14.

Note, Benetton is looking for the never employed, not simply the out of work. For the purposes of the contest, the company describes "unemployed' as "someone who has never been in paid employment or performed any work for more than six consecutive months, whether as an employee or self-employed."

The U.S. Labor Department released the August 2012 jobs report earlier this month with figures that KPCC's Matt DeBord called "bad." 96,000 jobs were added, and the unemployment rate clocked in at 8.1 percent.



Refinery 29 transcribed the video's voice-over. Read along for maximum effect.

"For the commitment you demonstrated day in, day out. For standing tall in the face of adversity. For the perseverance. And for always going above the call of duty. For the extraordinary achievements in research, arts, and crafts. For delivering under pressure and showing leadership qualities. For making us see that it's not all about how you make money and how you spend it. For telling those who told you, "Go get a job," "A job doesn't define me. What I fight for, does."