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Exec says LAPD beat him, police say he was on bath salts (AUDIO)

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In this Friday, Jan. 29, 2011, file photo, examples of fake "bath salts," are displayed by Senate Drug Policy Committee chairman Sid Albritton, R-Picayune, at the Capitol in Jackson, Miss.
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The Los Angeles Police Protective League says a bank executive who filed a police abuse claim against the city was abusing the recreational drug known as bath salts. The League says that undercuts the man’s claim that a pair of LAPD officers beat him.

Glendale police Sgt. Tom Lorenz said Monday that Deutsche Bank Vice Chairman Brian Mulligan went to police headquarters in May to get advice on how to deal with the effects of taking bath salts, two days before he alleges he was beaten by a pair of L.A. police officers in a neighboring city.

An audio recording of the encounter was released Monday by the Los Angeles Police Protective League, though his use of bath salts had already been reported. Mulligan says on the tape he snorted “white lightning,” a type of bath salts, at least 20 times. He also claimed that helicopters were following him, but told police, “I could be nuts” and “the whole thing could be made up in my mind.”

Listen to the full audio of Mulligan's conversation with police here. (Warning: Contains profanity.)

Mulligan has filed a $50 million claim against the city of Los Angeles. He claims he was dragged into a motel, threatened with death, then chased down and beaten by police, while police say he was trying to break into cars and his injuries were sustained after he took a combative stance against police.

His attorney, Skip Miller, told KPCC, "This is a police beating case. My client was beaten really badly, illegally without any cause. This audio tape that was released today is just mudslinging by the police in an effort to make him look bad and defame him.” He added that he would litigate the case in court, "not in the media like they are."

When asked if he was aware of his client using bath salts, Miller said he had no comment.

“Bath salts lead to delusion, and as in this case, bizarre lawsuits,” L.A. Police Protective League President Tyler Izen said in a press release, before going on to say Mulligan needs substance abuse treatment.

The L.A. Police Protective League press release says that Mulligan is trying to “shake down the LAPD,” and that his claims “read like a bad screenplay rejected by Fox TV or Universal Pictures,” where he had been an executive.

“Probably my lawyer will kill me when I say this, but I went to a head shop and I bought some of that white lightning stuff,” Mulligan told Glendale police. He asked police, “How long does this stuff stay in your f—ing system, man, how’s it legal?!”

The Glendale officer told Mulligan about the effects of bath salts, noting “it’s pretty well-documented that it causes brain damage, auditory hallucinations.” Mulligan responded that he couldn’t afford brain damage. The officer described as "nasty, nasty s---" and added, "if you continue using that stuff it will change who you are and it will destroy your family."

Mulligan’s attorney would not confirm that his client is on the recording.

Read the full transcript of Mulligan’s conversation with Glendael police below (Warning: contains profanity):

Brian Mulligan Transcript From May 13, 2012 Contact With Glendale PD

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