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Huntington Park residents take first steps to recall elected officials

The Huntington Park Civic Center.
The Huntington Park Civic Center.
Courtesy city of Huntington Park

Some Huntington Park residents served recall papers to the city’s mayor and the entire city council Monday night and accused them of corruption.

The residents accuse officials of mismanaging the city into a $9 million deficit, in part, by paying employees – like city attorney Francisco Leal – a salary of more than $500,000, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Some officials denied the allegations and claimed the recall was politically motivated by an ex-councilwoman who was forced to leave the city council, the station reported.

The recall petition needs 3,100 signatures from residents to qualify for the ballot. Huntington Park is just to the west of Bell, a city where former public officials face corruption charges for inflating their salaries.