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Don't forget to stop and yell at the trees: Is the Chinese Flame Tree the 'worst tree' ever planted?

Photo by Sandy Driscoll via The Eastsider L.A.

The Eastsider L.A. reports a bizarre incident of verbal abuse against a tree in America's Best Hipster Neighborhood. Oh the woe. 

On the west side of the Silver Lake Reservoir, a woman yelled from her car window at another woman taking a photograph of an autumnal-hued bloomer. The yellee recalled the exchange in a blog post on Monday.

"Don’t even think about planting one of those … they’re so messy."

I commented on how beautiful it was, and asked her what kind of tree it was.

"It’s a pain in the ass!" she replied, and she drove off.

Is this colorful, "messy" tree a Chinese Flame TreeThe Eastsider L.A. thinks so.

Is the Chinese Flame Tree the "Worst Tree" ever planted? This person says yes. 

How does a tree inspire enough venom to carry out a drive-by yelling? Please tell us.

Tree enthusiasts and victims are encouraged to speak up and shed some shade on the issue. Have you been traumatized by a tree?