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Cats Vs. Real Estate: Strays can stay at Lincoln Place, says judge

The real cat squatters of Lincoln Place.
The real cat squatters of Lincoln Place.
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L.A. animal advocates have been playing cat and mouse with apartment owners over the fate of a few dozen feral felines.

This week, the Stray Cat Alliance won a temporary injunction to halt the $150 million renovation of the Lincoln Place apartment complex until November.

The alliance argued that thousands of dollars had been spent to feed, sterilize, and vaccinate the cats -- a move that in the past 18 months successfully brought the adoptable kitty population down from 100 to 20 AI spirit animals.

A lawyer for the alliance claims that the owners planned to trap the cats, and would take them to a shelter where they would be euthanized. Owners say they have abided all city rules.

For now, the strays can stay, said the judge. A preliminary injunction will be considered on Nov. 9.