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UPDATE: Clerical workers strike at Port of Los Angeles' Pier 400

Shipping containers at the Port of Los Angeles.
Shipping containers at the Port of Los Angeles.
Photo by Greg Bishop via Flickr Creative Commons

Update 6:05 a.m.: The pier remains shut down Wednesday morning.

Port police say there's some picketing but there's been no violence and no arrests.

Other port operations continue normally.

PREVIOUSLY: At Pier 400 in the Port of Los Angeles, clerical workers went on strike at noon Tuesday to protest outsourcing. It effectively shut down operations at one of the port’s busiest terminals, the Daily Breeze reports.

Negotiations have been ongoing since the clerical workers’ contract expired on June 30, 2010, but they’ve failed to come to a new agreement. The International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 63’s Office Clerical Unit includes 800 workers.

“The jobs here come with excellent wages and benefits,” Port logistics clerk Trinie Thompson said in a press release, “but they’ll eventually disappear if companies keep outsourcing them to India and Taiwan.”

Union unit president John Fageaux charged that the port is concealing its outsourcing. He also said that 51 permanent positions have been lost in the past 5 years, with companies announcing plans to eliminate 76 more in the future.

“We know that both sides understand the critical importance of keeping cargo moving through the San Pedro Bay complex and we urge them to work diligently toward finding a mutually agreeable solution," Port spokesman Phillip Sanfield told KPCC in a statement.

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