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Silver Lake man finds $175,000 worth of high-grade weed and hash in his hot tub

Some of the marijuana and hash found in the bag in Mack Reed's backyard.
Some of the marijuana and hash found in the bag in Mack Reed's backyard.
Mack Reed

What would you do if you went into your backyard, opened the lid of your drained hot tub, and discovered a duffel bag filled with high quality marijuana and hash? Imagine that the herbs are labeled, bagged, and ready to sell to a local medical marijuana dispensary.

This week, while leading a solar panel installer around his property, longtime journalist Mack Reed found himself in the sticky (and potentially dangerous) situation.

After making sure the bag didn't have any guns, heroin, or cash buried among the marijuana, he called the police. Unfortunately, the LAPD were busy and it took two hours for a supervisor to make it to Reed and his green bag of green buds.

Once Sgt. Adrienne Legaspi arrived, Reed asked the officer how he could best notify the unknown owner of the duffel bag that his six-figure stash was now in the hands of Johnny Law. 

Legaspi had several suggestions: Reed could paint the hot tub area, he could leave the hatch open, she even offered to put up crime-scene tape.

Reed said he really just wanted to put up a note telling them to buzz off.

“No, sir, you don’t want to do anything that might threaten them,” the officer told him. 

So they compromised. He took a photo of Legaspi confiscating the cannabis and placed it on a note explaining that the stash was gone and the police were keeping an eye on the house. He then put the note in plastic and put it where the weed once was.

And like any good blogger, he posted the tale on his Tumblr blog, repleat with many photos.

Reed's story quickly spread around the web over the past few days. Gawker, the Los Angeles Times, and the Huffington Post were just a few of the outlets writing about the story. But Reed, a former reporter at the Times, has yet to speak to any media outlets. For the time being he's letting his blog post do the talking.