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Henry's Tacos is closing; what other Valley restaurants left too soon?

Henry's Tacos in a photo from 2008.
Henry's Tacos in a photo from 2008.
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It's true. After 51 years, Henry's Tacos in the San Fernando Valley is closing. 

After disagreements with the landlord, Jannis Hood has decided to call it quits as of Dec. 31. She posted the following notice on the restaurant's Facebook page:

I am very sorry to have to announce to everyone that it looks like Henry's will be closing for good on December 31. As some of you know, Henry's is just too much for me as a single, childless woman approaching 60 with no family within 1700 miles. I have had several prospective buyers committed to continuing the tradition, but all have been turned down by the landlord. The current prospective buyers have agreed to all the landlord's terms, but he has ceased communicating with them. Therefore, I have given my notice and it has been accepted by the landlord.

I believe this all goes back to my unwittingly angering the landlord by nominating Henry's for Historic Cultural Monument status. As Councilmember Krekorian put a stop to that, the landlord may want to bulldoze Henry's and build something else. I am hoping to get some media coverage in the next few days. Needless to say I am heartsick that after 51 years, Henry's may end for no good reason. Thanks to you all for your support.

Councilman Paul Krekorian sent a letter, stating he never knew that negotiations between Hood and her landlord had broken down.

I have always believed it would be in the community’s best interests for the business owner and property owner to negotiate an agreement, in what is a  private business matter and not a government decision, in order to allow Henry’s Tacos to continue operating. However, if those efforts fail, which it  sounds like they may have, and either the private business owner or private
property owner decide not to renew their lease, there is simply nothing the  City can do to compel them to continue operations.

If Henry's closes and certain "Breaking Bad" actors don't get their wish, Henry's will be one of many restaurants to close in the Valley we're nostalgic for.

Here's a few that we remember well:

The Weiner Factory

The Weiner Factory closed in 2007, to give rise to a Pinkberry. That's right — another Pinkberry. However, in the end, no Pinkberry ever opened in the Sherman Oaks location.

Good news, though: A few former employees and fans later started a truck, The Wein, that pays homage to the hot dog stand. 

The Velvet Turtle

Technically a chain, with locations everywhere from the Valley to Chinatown, but regardless, it left us with fond memories of beef wellington and other classics.

Another bit of good news: The founder of the Velvet Turtle, Wally Bortello, made his way out to Palm Springs, where he opened up Wally's Desert Turtle.

The Copper Penny

The Copper Penny near Victory and Oxnard apparently printed their menus on huge pieces of copper. Their heyday was around the '60s and '70s.

Mike's Pizza

It wasn't about the pizza (well, maybe to some) but really about the hot rolls for this family restaurant that closed in the '80s. (Check out their full menu.)

Hal Lifson of Patch remembers those fluffy rolls:

The most famous, and memorable, items at Mike's Pizza were the fresh, homemade, pizza-dough garlic rolls. They were absolutely delicious, and marvelously dense. Mike's devotees from back in the day write lovingly of these rolls on retro-themed websites.

A few that are still open, in case you are hungry:

Any restaurants in the San Fernando Valley (or otherwise) that you have fond memories of? Share them in the comments.