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Students, alumni go online to mock new University of California logo (Poll)

The new University of California logo.
The new University of California logo.
Courtesy University of California

The new University of California logo is being mocked online by students and alumni who worry the new symbol will hurt the system's reputation.

Among other things, critics say the simple and contemporary design looks like the loading symbol for a computer operating system.

UC officials have been caught off-guard by the social media revolt.

As of Tuesday morning, the logo had 58 likes and 53 comments, most of them negative. Here are some of the comments on UC's Facebook page:

Tobi Harper: "This is terrible, why are we wasting money on developing a cheap marketing logo. It erases the history of the UC system and replaces it with a joke."

Skylar Hanson: "but why is the C fading? that has way too much metaphor potential"

William Foss: "I don't think its all that bad. Get over it."

Besides Twitter insults and a petition to restore the old logo in place for 144 years, students and alumni have taken to Facebook and posted Photoshop toilet-flushing images of the symbol.

One critic suggested tattooing the logo image on its creators' foreheads as punishment. To be clear, the logo is intended to help brand the University of California on social media sites, like Twitter. The official seal of the university is unchanged.

What do you think? Take our poll below: