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Conan lights a 'Human Centipede' menorah, no one reacts

Television Screenshot: TBS

Conan O'Brien called forth his 'Human Centipede Menorah' on TBS Monday night. The crawling, nine-human mocktrocity spanned the stage on hands and knees and was lit in celebration of Hanukkah. 

The now annual display earned a social media reaction that was barely equivalent to a few raised eyebrows, and that raises a few questions, especially when compared to, say, the public venom delivered earlier this week over how to draw the letter C.

Does the absence of a backlash suggest that no one is watching Conan? Does it suggest that plenty of people are watching Conan and they find slaughterous German surgeons to be hilarious? Did the gag go too far, or is it too funny? 

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