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Netflix streaming crashes on Christmas, Amazon servers prime suspect

Photo by semaphoria / james keller via Flickr Creative Commons

CNN reports that a number of servers crashed on Christmas Eve causing a Netflix "instant streaming" outage lasting more than 20 hours.

Like many companies, Netflix pays to rent space on Amazon's massive banks of servers. The outage, which affected devices such as tablets and smartphones, began at about 3:30 p.m. ET Monday.

According to Netflix Cloud Architect Adrian Cockcroft, the problems stemmed from errors on Amazon Web Service’s Elastic Load Balancing API calls, Techcrunch reported. 

Telecom Ramblings called the outagae "quite an oops," noting that Amazon Prime — a potential Netflix competitor — did not suffer the same outage.

When service was restored Christmas morning, Netflix announced the holiday miracle via Twitter.

With television distraction plans unexpectedly offlined, revelers took to Twitter to sing the service's unpraises and look for meaning in the new reality. Below is a sample of said frustration.

What are your holiday TV traditions?