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Are the Rolling Stones headlining Coachella 2013?

A rolling stone?
A rolling stone?
Photo via Facebook/Coachella

There is reason to believe the Rolling Stones may headline Coachella 2013. There is also reason to believe that Santa Claus is real. We're waiting on confirmation of both, though it doesn't get more official than NORAD

Rolling Stone magazine reports that heavy hints have been dropped in support of the headlining theory (noting it would be their first U.S. festival since 1969's Altamont).

The band's mobile app is a good example of one such "hint." It previously displayed an April 12 tour stop in Indio, CA called "Coachella 2013." 

The date was subsequently wiped from the app, but not before many screenshots were saved into the Internet forever.

The magazine's website also says Goldenvoice's choice of "Happy New Year" photo on Facebook could be interpreted as a cryptic confirmation of the Stones being on the lineup.

Coachella organizers posted an image of a large round stone at the Empire Polo Grounds on the festival’s official Facebook page, seeming to confirm widespread reports that the Rolling Stones will headline the festival this year.

Others are not convinced. The Press-Enterprise changed its tune after being alerted to the possibility that the stone-like roller in the polo field photo may simply have been... a polo ball.

Murmurs aside, the full and official lineup is possibly just days away. 

MyDesert reports that "the guessing game should be over soon. Goldenvoice has released the artist lineup earlier every year lately — and it was Jan. 9, 2012, last time around."