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As the US shivers in cold, Southern California basks in record heat

A Los Angeles sunset.
A Los Angeles sunset.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Throw a dart anywhere on a map of Southern California and you are likely to find an area where a record high temperature was set on Tuesday. While the rest of the nation shivered, Southern California had highs in the 80s.

UCLA's 82 degrees beat the 79 set in 1976 and Camarillo Airport's 82 was a degree over the 1968 record.

Further south, San Diego has broken a 103-year-old daily temperature record: San Diego's 80 beat the 1910 record of 76. Lake Elsinore's 81 also snapped a 1910 record by a degree.

Chula Vista and El Cajon also broke records and Ramona tied.

Enjoy it while it lasts because the winter heat spell may be easing. The National Weather Service says low pressure is forecast to move in Wednesday, lowering temperatures a few degrees and bringing clouds and a chance of nighttime sprinkles.

Rain enters the forecast beginning on Thursday and lingers through the weekend.