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Super Bowl 2013: 8 things you need to throw the ultimate LA party

Party foul, pizza interference.
Party foul, pizza interference.
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Super Bowl XLVII is almost here, and L.A. establishments have lined-up a number of captivating specials to honor the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore RavensL.A. police departments, similarly, have lined up a number of captivating DUI checkpoints to honor the reckless miscalculation of driving after bottomless beers and mimosas.

If the Feb. 3 logistics are starting to feel unecessarily rough, use your home-couch advantage to set up a screening for a roster of pals. By choosing to bring the party home, you'll be guaranteed prime viewing real estate, reduce the chances of a transportation disaster and give your starters a place to sleep off the Velveeta hangover. 

Here's how it's done —

The Ultimate Super Bowl Party

1. COFFEE FILTERS. Admittedly a strange place to start, but buy them anyway. The kind that look like this. Use as plates and bowls for snacks like cut veggies, grapes, chips, popcorn, etc. They're cheaper and better looking than piles of waxed dishware, and one package goes a long way. Congratulations, you've just cut down on waste, clean up and hands-in-the-pretzel-bowl flu spreading. 

2. LOCAL LUX RECIPES. Ro*Tel has its place in the Football Party Hall of Fame, but a menu fit for the Laguna Montage will add fanfare to the chips and guacamole display. Too much trouble? Here are recipes for easy healthy faremeatballs made of Slim Jims, and a four course, four quarters meal plan. If you've got your eye on delivery, buy a feast of frozen pizzas instead. Cook and cut into appetizer sized bites. Dessert? Butterscotch brownies (add pine nuts and rosemary).

3. THE DRINK. Tell the team to bring whatever alcohol they deem appropriate. Start the bar off with  a case of water bottles, 12-pack of beer, bag of ice, bottle of whiskey, two bottles of Coke, a sleeve of cups, a pack of napkins. It's a fair price to pay for getting to stay put all day on Sunday. And if you decide to make these wonderous boozy cubes for your guests, they may even let you do it again next year.

4. FOR YOU, 99 CENTS. Shop for premium food and liquor at your typical haunts, but be sure to hit the 99-cent playground of discount paper and plastic products. Buy a package of tea light candles and a few glass votives while you're there. Maybe a tablecloth. And a lighter that looks like a giant match. And some off brand candy.

5. DRESS THE DEN. If banners and streamers fill your inner football fan with hideous rage, you probably haven't seen these. It's even easier than that to liven the living room with subtle sports decor. Tear NFL images from a sports magazine and tape around coasters, for example. Feeling crafty? Try an homage to cheerleader pom-poms with this team color DIY.

6. THE TELEVISION. A little financial advice about buying a bigger Godbox before the game.

7. BEYONCE. Discuss during halftime her surprise National Anthem belting at the Super Bowl press conference on Thursday.

Should hostility over lip syncing occur at any point during the day, it can be easily diffused by the Puppy Bowl, which will be airing on Animal Planet until 3 a.m.

8. THE OTHER THING. Did we leave something out? You bet we did.

What are your best Super Bowl party tips? Tell us in the comments.

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