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You fill up my census: Valentine's Day by the numbers

Photo by Talia Grace via Flickr Creative Commons

The U.S. Census Bureau sent out a voluminous Valentine of divorce statistics, per capita candy consumption and romantic-"sounding" towns across America. Who knew they had a sense of humor?  


24.7 pounds: Per capita consumption of candy by Americans in 2010. 

1,155: Number of U.S. chocolate and cocoa product manufacturers in 2010 (California led the nation with 121).

409: Number of U.S. non-chocolate confectionary product manufacturers in 2010 (California led the nation with 49).

$13.5 billion: Total shipment value of chocolate and cocoa products in 2011 ($8.8 billion in non-chocolate confections).

3,365: Number of confectionery and nut stores in the United States in 2010.


16,182: Number of U.S. florists’ establishments in 2010. 

$880,893,904: Value of imports for cut flowers and buds for bouquets in 2011 (total value of fresh cut roses was $365,453,189). 


23,739: Number of U.S. jewelry stores in 2010. 

$2.66 billion: Value of jewelry store merchandise sold in Feb. 2012.


28.6 years old: Median age of first marriage for men in 2012

26.6 years old: Median age of first marriage for women in 2012

53: Percentage of adults who reported being married in 2012

8 years: Median length of first marriages that ended in divorce as of 2009.

19.5:Percentage of people ever married twice as of 2011. 

9: Percentage of men who married twice and were still married in 2009.

7.9: Percentage of women who married twice and were still married in 2009.

75.3: Percentage of people who have ever been married and only made one trip down the aisle, as of 2011. 

68.8: Percentage of people 15 and older who had been married, at some point, as of 2012.

5,800: Approximate number of marriages that took place per day in the U.S. in 2010. 


We'll spare you the full absurdity of the location list. Romeo, Colo., and Darling, Minn., are good shows. Heart Butte, Mont., is a standout. But everything you really need to know about the list can be explained with the inclusion of EPA Superfund site Loves Park, Ill. — a likely unintentional comment on toxic relationships.