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How deep (space) is your love? NASA's remarkable photo Valentine

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Harvard-Smithsonian

With apologies for the love-song pun assault of today's headlines, we present NASA's Image of the Day.

Dubbed "Celestial Valentine," the infrared portrait displays generations of stars in a formation loosely shaped like a heart. In space, no one can hear it break.

Seen by the space agency's Spitzer Space Telescope, the heart's home exists in a star-forming region of space called "W5."


  • Blue dots: Oldest stars. Seen in the center of the hollow cavities.
  • Pink dots: Younger stars. Seen near the cavity rims and pillar tips.
  • White knotty areas: Where the youngest stars are forming.
  • Red: Heated dust.
  • Green: Dense clouds.