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'The Kill Hole': New indie vendetta film resembles Christopher Dorner story (VIDEO)

Deadline reports that The Kill Hole — an independent film about a "black ex-military sniper who targets associates ... and hides out in the wilderness" — has been given a March release date. The film's plot bears a striking resemblance to the story of alleged murderer and ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner.

The film stars Tory Kittles as a Marine with a vendetta, and Chadwick Boseman as an Iraq war veteran on a quest for redemption. Boseman's character is contracted to "track down and kill ... a deeply troubled Marine Corps sniper gone AWOL deep in the mountains. ... He knows the truth about [his] past and is on a murderous spree targeting members of the contracting firm," reads the official "About The Film" page. 

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The timing of Kill Hole looks to milk the mainstream exposure of Boseman’s Jackie Robinson portrayal in 42, but "seems to also capitalize on the pic’s apparent parallels to ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner," Deadline suggests. A film rep denied the suggestion, telling them release plans had previously been underway.

A rep for the film claims theatrical dates were already being finalized for their veteran-on-a-rampage pic when [Christopher] Dorner allegedly commenced the headline-grabbing events that left four dead and initiated one of the largest and most publicized manhunts in recent history.

The film opens in limited release in New York on Mar. 15. Portland and Los Angeles follow. The DVD release is scheduled for April 9.



Lt. Samuel Drake (Chadwick Boseman) is a troubled vet plagued by his actions while deployed in Iraq. Recently discharged, he is trying to piece his life back together while he works as a cab driver and lives in a rundown motel room. He also attends counseling sessions led by Marshall (Billy Zane) to help cope with the horrors of his past. While on this path to a fresh start, Drake's fragile new life is shattered when two executives (Peter Greene and Ted Rooney), who represent a private military contractor, present a new mission, one with no option to refuse; track down and kill Sgt. Devin Carter (Tory Kittles), an AWOL Marine Corps. sniper who knows the truth about Drake's past and who himself is on a mission to target and kill members of the mercenary firm. A gripping, lyrical meditation on war and the scars it leaves on those who fight, The Kill Hole is a story of one man who is forced to face his violent past, and the uneasy bond he forms with the mysterious assassin he must confront in his quest for redemption.