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Sequester: Obama mixes up Star Wars, Star Trek. Nerds rage. Meme born


President Obama's overlapping science fiction references at a pre-sequester presser prompted a quick social media reaction to the flub.

What did he do? In response to a question at a Friday press briefing, the president said this:  He wouldn't do a "Jedi mind-meld" with Congress' top two Republicans to persuade them "to do what's right."

As your 6 year old knows, Jedis are from "Star Wars." A "mind meld" is from "Star Trek."

Naturally, social media were quick to react.

(Check out more below.)

But the White House — sensing a disturbance in the Force — were quick to jump on the contretemps with a meme of  dueling fontspoking fun at POTUS' Star Wars/Star Trek slip and making a point while trying to quell a nation of nerd rage. (The rift between Wars/Trek was recently aggravated by the news that J.J. Abrams will be manhandling new films for both outer space franchises.)

Empire-on-Enterprise and Starfleet-meets-Skywalker are fine distraction from the sequester, but  what about Congress? Let's turn now to political analyst Spock.

"Only a Vulcan mind meld would be effective on this Congress. LLAP," Leonard Nimoy emailed after the Associated Press sought his reaction. 

As you were.