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6 things to love about LA's 'The Big Lebowski' turning 15 (very NSFW video)

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"The Big Lebowski" — the Los Angeles-based Coen brothers comedy released March 6, 1998 — is 15 years old Wednesday, and no one could have anticipated the cult of fandom that has grown up around it.

In celebration of the anniversary, we'd like to point out a few what-have-yous:

  1. CNN asked,"Where Are They Now?" 
  2. The Atlantic examined the near actual cult following. 
  3. Curbed LA traced a map of L.A. filming locations. 
  4. Lebowski Fest (which rolls into town this month) ate a "White Russian-soaked Toe Cake."
  5. IndieWire revealed "5 Things You Might Not Know."
  6. Vulture dug 15 deep thoughts on 15 years.

Proud we are of all of them. Now, here's a video of the curse words. 

Given the profoundly profane nature of the bulk of film's dialogue, this video is not safe for work, or for children, or for Pomeranians with papers. They're sensitive.