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Daylight Saving Time: 5 posts on its value and advice on adjusting your clock

It's nearly time. Have you adjusted your clock and your schedule for Daylight Saving Time?
It's nearly time. Have you adjusted your clock and your schedule for Daylight Saving Time?
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It's that time again when news and social media sites remind you to change your clock before you head to bed tonight. At 2 a.m. Sunday it will officially be 3 a.m.. We all lose an hour of sleep and wonder just why a candlewax-conserving custom advocated by Benjamin Franklin over 2oo years ago is still throwing off circadian rhythms today. 

In addition to the reminder and in honor of spring, we thought we'd collect a few of the annual articles on Daylight Saving Time. May they go well with the extra cup of  coffee. 

Daylight-Saving linked to wacky behavior
The SF Chronicle's Kevin Fagan looks into the pranks that DST has been known to pull on unsuspecting, sleep-deprived world, including showering-in-underpants, inside-out clothing, and accidentally adding inedibles into breakfast meals (dish soap waffles, anyone?). All of which belies an underlying exacerbated truth: Americans aren't getting enough sleep throughout the week, and DST isn't helping. 

Seven things you don't know about Daylight-Saving Time
The Chicago Tribune attempts to stump you with seven factoids about the origins and history of DST. First off, stop blaming farmers and start blaming world war. And don't even think of blaming Arizona or Hawaii; they never bought into it in the first place. 

Springing forward via daylight saving time causes human suffering
Over at NBC Los Angeles, we take a look at the misery DST hath wrought. It's not just a minor inconvenience, but a drag on global productivity and an affront to nature. 

Dr. DST argues the case for Daylight Saving Time
On KPCC's AirTalk, David Prerau, Author of "Seize the Daylight: The Curious and Contentious Story of Daylight Savings Time" says quit your whining. That extra hour you give up in the spring buys a good deal of energy for the country as a whole. 

Spring forward with 10 sleep tips
In any case, it's happening. offers a few tips to help adjust to the annual regime. Get some exercise, eat a little lighter the night before, and consult the Huffpo's listicle of sunshiney music to make it all go down a bit easier. 

Set your clock ahead one hour tonight so you don't wake in a panic tomorrow (or, more likely, when you get up for work Monday). It's also a good time to put new batteries in warning devices such as smoke detectors and hazard warning radios.

Daylight Saving Time ends Nov. 3.