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Juice ATM: Because nothing says wellness like fresh juice at 4:12 am

Kreation Juicery ATM in Beverly Hills.
Kreation Juicery ATM in Beverly Hills.
Kreation Juicery / Facebook

Juice don't sleep.

EaterLA reports that Kreation Juicery has debuted a 24-hour fresh juice-dispensing ATM at their new Beverly Hills location. The juice company's Southern California domination tally is now: One ATM, "six brick-and-mortars, a juice truck, two juice 'kars,' and a juice bike."

Disregarding the kautionary tale about how replacing 'c's with 'k's in kompany names kills all the butterflies and fairies and joy in the world, Kreation take the krime against kuteness one step further with a series of beverages kalled, "Kreation Kleanses." Seemingly their products exist to combat the ravages of stress brought on by this paragraph.

Here's what the company has to say for itself, according to their Facebook page:

Kreation Juice: Beverly Hills-based juice bar that provides healthy and delicious drinks designed to invigorate the body and mind for all of the Westside. Kreation Kleanses are designed to taste great, offer a variety of flavors, and deliver a whopping quotient of nutrients culled at their highest potency from 100% organic fruits and vegetables from the Santa Monica Farmer’s markets. 

The new, all-night dream dispenser is located at 9609 S. Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills. The cupcake and caviar machines must be thrilled to have a new friend. (MAP)