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Michael Nesmith live: Evolved Monkee makes rare solo appearance in LA (VIDEOS)

Screenshot: Michael Nesmith, "Cruisin"

Michael Nesmith knows Los Angeles. He might even be the reason for living here (if the number of Cruisin' views between 1981 and 1993 are developmentally relevant).

Nesmith — the former Monkee who fathered MTV and whose mother invented Liquid Paper — is making a rare, live appearance in L.A. this week. His last U.S. solo tour was more than two decades ago.

Following last year's sold-out invasion of the British Isles, the month-long Nez Solo Spring 2013 Tour will make a stop at the Canyon Club on March 24. One night only. Only show in the area. 

Of the set list and his extensive solo catalog, Nesmith had this to say in a news release: 

“The songs I’ll play are a touch chronological and a touch thematic. I picked my favorites to play, the ones I have come to love over the years, and the ones that are most requested by fans of my solo work...I hope Monkees fans are not disappointed but...the songs that were part of the Monkees era comprise only a tiny part of [my catalog.]”

A pioneer in the art of "video records," the former cap-headed member of the Monkees created a TV series in the late '70s called "PopClips" that was developed into MTV

The actor, producer and novelist also has the honor of being the first Grammy Award winner for a music ideo. His long-form piece, Elephant Parts, won in 1981.


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