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Pixar's 'Finding Dory' is box office bait: 'Nemo' sequel catches DeGeneres, releases details

"Finding Nemo" adventurers — Dory, a royal blue tang with memories issues, is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. Marlin, voiced by Albert Brooks, is a clownfish searching the seas for his son.

A sequel to "Finding Nemo" — "Finding Dory" — will be released into the wild on Nov. 25, 2015, Disney and Pixar announced Tuesday.

"Finding Dory" will be steered by "Nemo" director Andrew Stanton, and Ellen DeGeneres will reprise her role as the voice of a featherbrained blue tang. (No relation to Tang.) "Dory" will pick up about a year from where "Nemo" left off, and follow the forgetful fish on an adventure to reunite with loved ones.

Nemo and Marlin will appear in the new film, according to Disney. No word yet on whether Albert Brooks will be reprising his clownfish father role (or on whether Nemo transformed into a female after the end of the first film).

Despite the notoriously fishy reputation of sequels, "Finding Dory" seems unlikely to tank. "Finding Nemo," Pixar's fifth film, was an Academy Award winner and box-office buoy in 2003. Currently the film can be found lounging with the likes of "Snow White" and "Fantasia" on AFI's Top 10 Animation list.