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All in favor of playing Super Mario Bros across LA's Disney Hall, raise your hand (Videos)

The Downtown Los Angeles skyline
The Downtown Los Angeles skyline
Christopher Okula/KPCC

Excuse me, can the L.A. skyline come out to play?

In Los Angeles, if you'd like to watch "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" projected onto the wall of Rudolph Valentino's mausoleum, the city can provide it. 

If, however, you want to play 410-foot "Pong" on a skyscraper, you'll have to go to Philadelphia. Tower-sized "Tetris?" Sorry. Head to Brazil.

Why won't you play with us, L.A. architecture? Do we not deserve the same sensory-overload, public art, promotional stunt, community-building shenanigans that other cities around the world seem to be enjoying?

Perhaps the retro-arcade-meets-real-estate gimmick simply doesn't appeal to Angelenos. Given our affinity for visual magic and our well-stocked gamer pools, that seems unlikely.

Even local academia is holding tight to a controller. In March, USC was named by The Princeton Review as the best graduate school for video game design in all of North America. Surely someone can put "Centipede" on the Bonaventure.

For that matter, The Hollywood Bowl already looks like "Pac-Man," Griffith Observatory is begging for "Asteroids," and if "Q*bert" wants a comeback , it could easily be on the face of the U.S. Bank Tower. 

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Do buildings get bored? Here's what some cities did to cheer them up:

1) São Paulo, Brazil - World's largest video
2) The Grandest Game of Pong on the Planet
3) NYC: Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular
4) Awesome Building light show
5) Dallas, Texas: Amazing 3D promo for "The Tourist"
6) China: 3-D Stereographic Projection Mapping

7) Poland: Projekt P.I.W.O 2011

8) Barcelona, Spain: Council La Merce 2012

9) Orlando, Florida: Snap!

Have there been any notable installations or games played on/with L.A. buildings?