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LA voted 6th 'most superficial' city by 1st most ridiculous dating auction site (video)

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Los Angeles is sixth on the list of "Most Superficial Cities in America," according to a new study by, an online-dating website that "provides the platform for generous members to bid on a first date with attractive members."

See complete "most superficial" list below

Using Google Analytics to track visitor behavior, the not-pimps (here's the disclaimer) of the world’s only online-dating auction have determined how fast the men and women of America's cities are judging prospective love connections. They say:

LA members browse an online-dating profile in only 10.4 seconds, making Los Angeles the 6th “Most Superficial” city in America.

In addition to the study, 3,401 Los Angeles-based members were polled —1,123 men,  2,278 women. Users were asked to rank the qualities they valued most when browsing an online dating profile. There were 20 choices.  

Los Angeles' top five determining factors (in order of importance)

  • Profile Picture
  • Occupation
  • Body Type
  • Income
  • Age

Before blanketing the entire metro region with stereotypes about looks and money, let's keep in mind that the sample group came from a website where users "buy dates with beautiful people." Google traffic metrics aren't telling this company anything they don't already know.


Still confused? That's understandable. These one minute clips — "VIDEO FOR ATTRACTIVE USERS" and  "VIDEO FOR GENEROUS USERS" — should clear things up.

The "Most Superficial" List

10 Most Superficial Cities in America (according to avg. browsing time)

1.) Salt Lake City, UT – 7.2
2.) Portland, OR – 7.7 Seconds
3.) Houston, TX – 8.3 Seconds
4.) Chicago, IL – 8.6 Seconds
5.) Washington, D.C. – 9.8 Seconds
6.) Los Angeles, CA – 10.4 Seconds
7.) Louisville, KY – 11.5 Seconds
8.) Miami, FL – 12.1 Seconds
9.) New York, NY – 13.2 Seconds
10.) Dallas, TX – 13.7 Seconds