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'Game of Thrones': When the screaming stops (reaction videos)

"Game of Thrones" reaction screenshot via YouTube

The classic, parental dissuasion against groupthink — "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?" — is, in most cases, still a solid, self-directing value. 

Against the force of HBO's "Game of Thrones," however, the maxim holds no water. If all your friends watch "Game of Thrones," you might as well join them. 

Either way there will be no escaping the sound of swords and screaming and slicing and gasping as evidenced by the fallout from Sunday's episode. 

The readers saw it coming, but last night, the series — based on books by George R. R. Martin — treated television fans (SPOILER AHEAD) to an unexpected, old fashioned betrayal and massacre. 

Since that time, "Game of Thrones" has been assaulting social media with stunned and horrified exasperation,  memes and gifs galore, and a vivid hashtag — #redwedding — painting a picture in  just 10 letters of every gruesome thing you never wanted to know. 

Does it make it better or worse that the episode's events were fashioned from actual historical accounts of brutality? 

We'd ask the people below, but they are likely too traumatized to answer that question.

What do you have to say? Do you watch the show? Or have you been able to successfully avoid it? Has anyone autotuned these reactions? Where's the goat version?

VIDEO WARNING: NSFW, includes language some readers may find offensive.