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'Stories Don't End,' they get covered: Dawes and Fender dare you to do it better

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Los Angeles-based folk rock conquerors Dawes have launched a new "covers competition" that teaches you one of the band's new tunes — and dares you to do it better.

They explain on their website that fans had been asking for tablature and chords, so the band came up with an idea to "show how to play a Dawes song rather than only share the chords."

The foursome teamed up with Fender and put out a low-frills instructional video accompanied by a slick interactive reader. The rest is up to you. Create the band's favorite cover of "From The Right Angle," and the new Fender is yours.  The winner will be notified via YouTube. 

How to become Dawes' new best favorite version of themselves

  1. Watch the Dawes tutorial.
  2. Learn how to play "From The Right Angle."
  3. Make your own video.
  4. Upload it to YouTube as a video response.
  5. Hopefully receive creative validation in the shape of a new guitar.

Don't play an instrument?

You can still play along. The band suggests you "like" the videos you like on YouTube to help them find the standouts. 

On the road

For those hoping to see the band play live, you have all summer long to chase them around the country. Dawes are currently on tour in support of their stunning April release, Stories Don't End, an album that despite your best effort at simply listening to it, will quietly, and certainly, be absorbed into your cellular makeup.

Fine, I'll listen to it