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8 great roller-skating moments in Los Angeles history (VIDEO)

Photo by Sam Figueroa via Flickr Creative Commons

Heavy is the head that wears the disco ball.

Mid-city's World on Wheels, a roller skating institution in Los Angeles for more than 30 years, will be closing its doors on June 23. Moonlight Rollerway, it's up to you, now. 

From Northridge to Cerritos, roller-skating is an activity Angelenos have been slow to let go of, and for good reason. Lace up as we take a look back at 8 great moments in L.A.'s roller-skating crazed history:

1) Released in 1979 at arguably the height of L.A.'s non-ironic affair with the roller skate, "Roller Boogie" opens with a Cher anthem — "Hell on Wheels" — and features Linda Blair in a classic tale of Beverly Hills girl meets Venice Beach boy meets roller rink mobsterIt's enough to make your head spin. 

1b) Fun fact: "Hell on Wheels" has its own roller-skating video. Admittedly, it looks like a beer commercial, but really it's just Cher on roller skates wearing zebra spandex being chased by a giant truck because that's how early music videos did it. American Apparel, eat your heart out.

2) There's the more civilized/less disco Steve Martin "performance art" roller skating in the museum scene of "L.A. Story" in 1991:

3) In 2009, "Down & Derby" at the Echoplex was a thing that happened. Had you been in the dark belly of the uneven basement you would agree that while the video below is dizzying, it is a fair representation:

4) Roller Derby is another interpretation of quad skate greatness. In this 1974 filmed-in-LA footage, the Los Angeles lady T-Birds tangle with the Philadelphia Warriors:

5) DISH TV's description of the 1980 Olivia Newton-John/Pan Pacific Park masterpiece, "Xanadu," reads: "A mythological muse helps an artist and former big-band clarinetist open a roller disco." Any questions?:

6) "Lucy and Ramona, cruisin' through the jungles of L.A.," on roller skates. Things get wheel in this early Michael Nesmith music video:

7) "Jack Tripper" on roller skates. John Ritter shows off his fall down moves in this 1982 episode of "Three's Company." The plot of "Diamond Jack?" On a date at a Venice roller rink there is a mixup:


8) In conclusion, "CHiPs" featuring Leif Garrett (in the 2-part episode, "Roller Disco"):

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