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8 great Hollywood movie explosions: A farewell to fireworks

Stunt show at Universal Studios Hollywood
Stunt show at Universal Studios Hollywood
Photo by Prayitno via Flickr Creative Commons

As the dust of a billion briquettes settles on America's birthday, the post-party red, white, and blues are just kicking in.

Fear not, patriot. Hollywood knows that it's sometimes easier to let-down when everything is blowing up. 

In an effort to transition you back from fireworks to everyday works, we've assembled 8 great pretend explosions from the cannon canon of action cinema.

What's your favorite movie explosion of all time?

1) Ghostbusters (1984) - Mr. Stay Puft gets the crossed streams over NYC

2) Mission Impossible (1996) - Exploding chewing gum meets fishtank

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3) Star Wars (1977) - Death. Star. Go. Boom.

4) Die Hard 5 (2013) - Drives a jeep off a helicopter into Chernobyl 

5) Dr. Strangelove (1964) - Vera Lynn serenades the end of the world 

6) The Matrix (1999) - A most excellent rescue

7) The Rock (1996) - Blowing up Alcatraz  

8) Independence Day (1996) - The aliens do not want to be friends


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