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The more you know: FBI debuts odd PSAs about stealing and bullying

FBI Seal
FBI Seal

Don't steal, says the FBI in a new PSA series released Tuesday by the L.A. field office. One of the videos addresses cyber bullying, while the other five illustrate possible consequences of intellectual property theft, including stifled creative expression and/or slave labor.

Why these videos? Why now? The FBI explains:

Many consumers are unaware of the health and safety dangers posed by counterfeit products or of the financial and security costs associated with the illegal theft of proprietary information.


1)  "Vanishing Band"—A girl in parachute pants sings about disco while two goobers from IKEA University illegally download her song from a garish website causing the band to disappear Back to the Future-style. Downloading music without paying for it "is just not cool," notes the narrator.

2) "Toxic Meds" — A tale of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. "You wouldn’t give yourself or your loved one poison would you?" asks the disembodied voice. The moral of this story is to be a smart consumer, especially when buying drugs online. "Counterfeit medications are out there," they warn. Much like the truth

3) "The Rip Off" — Joe Collegebro gets an incomplete in common sense 101. Our hero suffers a wiped-cleaned checking account after his irresponsible friends download a movie from the Russians (?) who then empty his "Bank of Armer" funds.

4) "Flea Market"  — Shoppers fade into a sweatshop fantasy when faced with half-priced boots.

5) "Trade Secrets" — As vague as vague can be, this video clears up nothing.       


6) "Cyber Bullying" — A high school classroom becomes even more awkward when a boy stops a girl from bullying, but it sort of seems like they might want to kiss.

The more you know, the easier it will be to form full sentences. Try it in the comments.