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KPCC DIGEST P.M. (Aug. 26) — NSA pickup lines, self-assembling origami, Yosemite fires of yore, 'The Story' ends

An anti-NSA protester in Washington, DC.
An anti-NSA protester in Washington, DC.
Steve Rhodes/Flickr

1. 10 largest fires in Yosemite history — Rim Fire makes the list (map) (KPCC)

The Rim fire is already one of the worst fires in state history. It's also shaping up to be one of the largest Yosemite National Park has seen. We've mapped the top 10.

2. How much of a dent will Rim Fire put in Labor Day activity? (KPCC)

The massive blaze near Yosemite National Park is having a major effect on area businesses as many tourists cancel holiday plans.

3. Caltech, NYU scientists to develop ‘biomemetic self-replicating materials’ (KPCC)

Researchers at Caltech and NYU recently received a $2 million grant to develop biomemetic self-replicating materials. According to Caltech's Si-Ping Han, if 'self-replicating' sounds sci-fi, it is: scientists will use origami mathematics in coming up with algorithms that will in turn direct structures to fold and assemble themselves.

4. UC San Diego and UC Riverside get top spots on college list (KPCC)

Washington Monthly released its latest list of the top colleges, and these two California public universities landed the one and two spots.

5. LA events to commemorate the March on Washington (KPCC)

Events are taking place locally through Wednesday, the actual anniversary of the march and Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic speech. These include a celebration of the “I Have a Dream” speech hosted by Congresswoman Janice Hahn at Compton College on Wednesday.

6. 'The Story' will end with departure of host Dick Gordon (KPCC)

Award-winning journalist Dick Gordon has announced that he plans to step away from the nationally syndicated show to be closer to family in Canada. The last show airs Oct. 11.

7. 'I'd tap that' and other NSA pick-up lines are all the rage (NPR)

Revelations that national security officials have used their agency's eavesdropping power to spy on love interests have sparked a new meme: #NSAPickupLines