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KPCC DIGEST AM (Sep. 17)—Blue-footed Booby flutter, Grand Theft Auto V vs reality, CDC worried sick over drug-resistant bugs

Photo by liquene via Flickr Creative Commons

1. Follow that bird: Blue-footed Booby causes a flutter in LA (KPCC)

For bird-watchers, spotting an elusive creature is cause for celebration, and over the past few days, avian enthusiasts have had plenty to crow about. The Blue-footed Booby, rare for these parts, has  been seen all over L.A. County.

Ornithologist Kimball Garrett acknowledges the common name for this trusting bird is one ripe for jokes, but insists he wouldn't stoop that low. "I try not to keep abreast of these things," he says, completely straight faced.

2. Navy Yard shootings: No second gunman; Victims' IDs emerge (NPR)

Coverage continues of Monday's shootings at the Washington Navy Yard. Twelve victims and the man who authorities say gunned them down are dead.

The names, ages and a few biographical details are starting to emerge about the victims—they ranged in age from 46 to 73. Late Monday, police identified seven of those who were killed.

3. FAQ: Is Obamacare a good thing for California's small businesses? (KPCC)

When "Covered California" opens for business on October 1, the state-run insurance exchange will include a marketplace where small businesswa can compare and buy "competitively-priced" employee health insurance, according to officials.

Critics of the federal health law say it's far from certain the venture will succeed in lowering prices for small group plans; they also question whether the offered plans will provide networks of doctors and hospitals robust enough to satisfy employees.

4. Grand Theft Auto V: Show us your LA screen shots (KPCC)

Rockstar Games is back. Now with more Los Angeles! The much anticipated Tuesday release of Grand Theft Auto V is expected to show a landscape realism that includes everything from famed landmarks to un-remarkable buildings and bridges.

A promo reads, "The real California doesn't always seem to be that far removed from the fantasy." Did they get it right? Send us game screenshots of your neighborhoods as seen in the game.

5. The CDC is worried sick about drug-resistant bacteria (Sacramento Bee)

More than 2 million Americans develop antibiotic-resistant infections each year and about 23,000 die as a result, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Officials fear those numbers, which are conservative, saying the situation could worsen as overuse and misuse causes more resistance. Without major efforts to preserve current drugs and develop new ones, future generations will be ill-equipped to fight deadly superbugs.

6. Rebuilding the foreclosure capital (KPCC)

Five years ago, as Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy and the U.S. economy plunged into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, there were few areas of the country harder hit than the Inland Empire.

Now, the region that was once a foreclosure capital is seeing housing prices soar and new home construction rise 40 percent since last year, according to a new report.

7. The high costs Of Colorado's high water—by the numbers (NPR)

The flooding that has roared through communities and canyons across Colorado's Front Range in recent days is now being blamed for: as many as 8 deaths, damaging or destroying 19,000 homes. causing up to $500 million worth of damage to roads and highways.

As towns start to dry out hundreds of people remain unaccounted for. Most are thought to be OK but remain stranded because of impassable roads.