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KPCC DIGEST AM (Oct. 15)—Earthquakes, dry ice explosions, Apple designs on Burberry CEO, will momentum payoff in the playoffs?

Photo by Pietro Izzo via Flickr Creative Commons

1. LA area immigrants helping to solve painful mysteries from Guatemala (KPCC)

A DNA project has been underway to identify bodies from Guatemala’s roughly 45,000 wartime desaparecidos - the disappeared – most of them kidnapped by military during the lengthy civil war, which ended in 1996 after 36 years.

Since 2004, the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation has been exhuming and identifying the bodies of desaparecidos, excavating clandestine mass graves and military sites. So far they’ve identified more than 3,000 bodies, about 200 of them through DNA.

2. Who is legally responsible if a building collapses during a quake? (KPCC)

A recent L.A. Times analysis more than 1000 concrete buildings were found potentially at risk of collapse in a major earthquake. Many lack steel reinforcements that would help keep them from buckling.

A USC law professor says property owners could be legally responsible for a collapse if they can foresee a retrofit preventing serious injury and opt not to. One thing seismologists say is for sure is that L.A. is overdue for a major quake and people should take that risk seriously.

3. Dry ice keeps exploding at Los Angeles International Airport (KPCC)

For the second time in a matter of days, police said a dry ice explosion occurred at Los Angeles International Airport. Again, there are no reports of any injuries.

Detective Gus Villanueva told the Associated Press the incident occurred shortly before 8:30 p.m. Monday at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. He said investigators do not believe the incident is linked to terrorism. The L.A. Times reports two other bottles with dry ice inside were found in the vicinity.

4. Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts apprehended by Apple (Quartz)

"Apple has poached Angela Ahrendts, CEO of the British luxury fashion house Burberry, who will become Apple’s third retail chief in as many years. Ahrendts is an American who steadily climbed the ladder in the fashion industry before joining Burberry. The luxury firm’s share price more than tripled during her eight-year tenure as CEO, as she carefully marshalled control of the storied brand while pushing into China and other fast-growing emerging markets."
5. Dodgers momentum could payoff in the playoffs (KPCC)

Don’t count the L.A. Dodgers out yet. Facing a pitcher who has yet to lose this postseason, the blue bats finally came alive Monday night in a 3-0 victory. They now trail the Cardinals two games to one in the best of seven National League Championship Series.

“I think the playoffs are one-day momentum swings," manager Don Mattingly said after the game. "Every day changes with momentum. Right now I feel like we’ve kind of grabbed it.”

6. IRS: October 15 tax deadline holds, despite shutdown (L.A. Times)

"Despite the partial government shutdown, the tax man still cometh. The Internal Revenue Service said that even though most of the agency's employees have been furloughed, Tuesday remained the filing deadline for millions of people who received a six-month extension to complete their 2012 tax returns."

7. Dozens die in Philippines after powerful earthquake (NPR)

A powerful earthquake has left dozens of people dead in the Philippines. The quake, first reported as 7.2 magnitude and then downgraded to 7.1, struck near the city of Catigbian in the inland area of Bohol, one of the central Visayas Islands.

At least 93 people have been reported dead, and the casualty count is likely to grow. The earthquake struck just after 8 a.m. local time Tuesday, a national holiday observing the Muslim Eid al-Adha festival.