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Breakdancing in Little Toyko - UPDATE WITH VIDEO FROM EVENT

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This was the scene (photographed by Twitterer lahiphopdance) you could have watched through the glass walls of the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo tonite til 11.

Julian and I ate dinner at Suehiro and happened across the Undadog 4 Battle 4 Little Tokyo, presented by Maximum Stylez MDC, a hiphop breakdance competition that kept us rapt for a good hour.

Kids and young adults were flying all over the floor, emitting a ton of positive energy. Black, white, Asian, Latin, gay, straight, didn't matter. The security guard, an older bullheaded guy, was beaming, saying something good about keeping the museum open late. I'm sure this kind of stuff happens all the time and I just don't know about it. But I'm glad I saw it tonite.

Here's a taste of what was going on:

I'm looking for video of this event and will post it as soon as I find it. Don't ask why I didn't bring my camera. In the meantime, here's some from the last one, held June 26.