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LA Public Library Photo Game

It’s time to play our favorite game. It’s called, “Go to the LA Public Library Photo Archive and type in a random word.

Today’s word is HIKE.

The first hit is really breathtaking.

Here’s the caption, a masterpiece of understatement:

Gypsy Boots, well-known nature athlete, threatens Miss Bale (left) and Miss London with rock in the head to call attention to his 59th birthday party tomorrow. Mr. Boots will hold annual physical fitness hike to Mt. Hollywood from Ferndell Griffith Park. Photo dated: August 18, 1970. (Leonard R Ashmore/LAPL/Herald-Examiner)

The second photo is just interesting.

The all-night Hollywood Ranch Market sidewalk lunch counter on Vine Street is one of many places revolting against the hike in coffee prices. This place reduced its price from 10 cents to 5 cents per cup. Celebrating with steaming mugs beneath the sign are, left to right: Richard Wilson, jazz musician-composer; night manager Roy McCully; co-owner Larry Frederick; writer Roger Fair; and newsboy Eddie Levin, on February 2, 1954. (LAPL)

And the third takes the cake. Or, ekac.

Literally looking back on the old year are Mr. and Mrs. Plennie Wingo of Abilene, Texas. Equipped with rear view mirrors on their spectacles, they have begun a four-year hike, walking backwards all the way. Mr. Wingo, 53, already has won the world's championship at walking backwards by walking around the world that way. They started at Hollywood, and intend to walk backwards into every state capital. Photo dated: January 2, 1948. (LAPL/Herald-Examiner)

Try it yourself. Tell us about your discoveries in the comment section below.

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