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Halloween Tips from LA County Public Health

News release received today:

LOS ANGELES – Halloween night can be a fun opportunity for children and parents to show off creative costumes, spend time with friends at parties, and participate in the traditional trick-or-treat outing for candy and other goodies. But can also be an opportunity for germs, such as the flu virus, to spread.

“The H1N1 flu is affecting residents throughout Los Angeles County,” said Jonathan E. Harker, MD, MPH, Director of Public Health and Health Officer. “By practicing good hygiene and these healthy habits, you can avoid being tricked into passing out germs along with your treats.”

• Wash your hands before handling or eating candy.
• If you are sick, don’t hand out candy.
• If you or your child are sick, don’t go out trick-or-treating or to parties. Consider staying home and watching a scary movie.
• Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue. If you do not have a tissue, do the “Dracula” and cover your nose and mouth with your arm.
• Bring any human brains up to an internal temperature of 250-degrees Fahrenheit before serving them to zombies.
• Clean the blade on the giant swinging pendulum thoroughly with alcohol, and make sure the retaining straps do not cut off your victim’s circulation.
• If you build a house out of candy to attract children, consider using reduced-sugar snacks to lessen the chance of juvenile diabetes.

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