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From Mystery Fork to Mystery Tree – Off-Ramp® Calls for Sleuthing

Attention Off-Ramp's Semi-Pro Mendicants!

The attention generated by the Fork In The Road art prank inspired an e-mail from listener Jane O'Neal, who has her own mystery* she needs help solving.

Hi Mr.Rabe

I once met you at my friend Mimi Pond’s house. She was kind enough to give me your e-mail after I told her about the mysterious art "tree" that has appeared in the little triangle park at Prospect and Hollywood Blvd.

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I heard your program tonight about the "fork in the road" and thought that maybe you could solve the mystery of the strange little "tree" that is hung with lanterns that glow.

My partner, Pat Smith, is the landscape architect who redid the little park recently and she has no clue where the "tree" came from.

Anyway you should take a look at the "tree". It has a sign on it that offers no clues.

Thanks and I really enjoy your program. Keep it up.

-- Jane O’Neal

So, do any of you have any answers? I've asked Off-Ramp literary commentator Marc Haefele to translate the sign's Latin, which might give us a start.

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*Of course it's possible I'm being pranked by Ms. O'Neal, but I'm game, and I'm sure she'll share the proceeds from any reality show that springs from this.

(Photos: Jane O’Neal.)