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A Few Veterans Day Photos from John Rabe

A few years ago, some folks remade what had been a nasty little triangle at Cypress and Pepper in Cypress Park, my neighborhood, into a beautiful little park dedicated to MIA’s. The flag – US and MIA – are kept flying and of course are at half-staff right now after the shootings at Fort Hood.

The park is always clean of trash, the flowerbeds weeded, and memorials placed and cared for.

Ever read “Peanuts” around Veterans Day and wonder who Bill Mauldin was? Mauldin was a cartoonist who portrayed the lives of the infantry in this book.

Mauldin won some enemies among the brass for his candid observations, but he won a million fans among the fighting men and women.

My copy of Up Front (a first edition) was owned by one Thomas M. Williams of Fletcher Avenue in South Pasadena. If anyone know who this was, please leave a note in the comments section below.