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Before (1953) and After (2003) at Taylor Yard

Yesterday, we played one of one of my favorite LA History games. Feed a random word into the LA Public Library photo archive website.

The word was “romance,” and I came up with a lovely old shot from Taylor Yards, evoking the romance of steam trains.

Photograph caption dated April 18, 1953 reads, "This is the Southern Pacific's old roundhouse near the Los Angeles River. It's a far cry from Dieselville, which is a sprawling yard. In the roundhouse, locomotives are stacked in stalls like silver stallions. On the turntable is the Dinky, a snub-nosed beetle on an engine which pushes the "biggies” hither and yon. “There still is romance in steam,” said one veteran railroader." (Herald-Examiner/LAPL)

So, what’s happened to the roundhouse?

Back in 2003, I was shooting pictures by the LA River and went on to the railroad property and found the answer. Look carefully and you can see many of the same elements in the photos I took almost exactly fifty years after the “Herald-Examiner” shot now archived in the public library.

From what I saw on a recent recent bike ride, I think all the superstructure is gone. (For scrap?) But the hole is still there.

Find some “before” shots yourself at the LAPL site, then take some “after” shots and let us know about it in the comments section below.

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