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“The Face Bra” news release -- is it for real?

Every day, I delete hundreds of e-mails pitching interviews with experts, wonks, authors, politicians (County Supervisor Mike Antonovich doesn’t get it that when you send out ten e-mails a day, journalists will not look at any of them, but if you send out one a week, we may actually read them), and charlatans.

Some day, we’ll do a show based on them, but until then, here’s one that caught my eye just before I hit “delete.” After all, not many news releases have the words “Face Bra” in them. In fact, only one so far. Note the handy pre-printed interview questions for the busy radio host.

Now, is this for real, or the work of another Martin Eisenstadt? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

-- John

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"Face Bra"

Shrinks Chubby Cheeks and Double Chins Without Suction or Cosmetic Surgery

Don’t look now, but double chins are hanging around everywhere. Not only can a double chin add years to an otherwise youthful appearance, but, to top it off, it seems that you don’t even have to be overweight to own one.

What causes a double chin?

“Double chins can develop over time because of wrong dietary choices, heredity, and just plain gravity,” says skin care innovator Vicki Southard. "Fluid retention triggered by impurities residing in the facial tissues can also be a factor.” Southard says because there are no easily worked muscles in the neck, double chins are especially hard to shrink, even with dieting and exercise.

Is surgery, then, the only answer for a stubborn double chin? Southard says, “No.”

Luckily, for those of us who aren’t quite ready to confront the knife or spend $5,000 to have the fat vacuumed out of our necks, Southard says she has developed a safe and inexpensive non-surgical alternative for trimming under-chin flabbiness. She calls it the three-step DOUBLE CHIN RESCUE PLAN:

1. Step One – WRAP YOUR FACE

This step consists of wrapping the neck, chin(s), and cheeks in an elastic cotton bandage which has been pre-soaked in a special wet mineral solution. The process is known in salons as “Face Wrapping” and Southard has packaged everything needed for this step in a convenient beauty kit she calls ‘The Face Wrap Home Kit”.

“The mineral salts create a chemical reaction which pulls impurities and toxic fluids from the tissues. As these fluids are released, the body tissues shrink. The wet elastic bandage stays in constant contact with the skin as the underlying tissues contract, compacting the deflating tissues,” says Southard.

“The Face Wrap takes only about 45 minutes, and should be used at least 2-3 times per week for several weeks for best results.”


This step consists of exercises which work the facial muscles. “For 3 minutes each day press your tongue against the roof of your mouth so the under-chin tightens. Tighten the tongue, relax, tighten the tongue, and relax,” says Ms. Southard. “Afterwards, pull your chin up as you tighten the muscles under your chin. Tighten, relax, tighten, and relax repetitively for three minutes.


Of course, eating more calories than you burn will cause fat to accumulate not only under your chin, but throughout your body. Avoid refined carbohydrates and avoid foods that trigger allergic reactions in your body. Foods such as refined sugar, corn, and wheat can often produce allergic reactions like swelling and inflammation. Allergy tests can be taken to determine which foods you should avoid.

Ms Southard says following her three step plan will not only reduce and tighten double chins, but your entire face will become trimmed, smoothed, and softened in the process.


1. The Double Chin Rescue Plan begins with a “face wrap. " Show us what’s in your “Face Wrap Kit”, and how to properly wrap the neck, chin, and jaw line.

2. What is the purpose of soaking the face wrap bandages in wet minerals?

3. What kind of facial changes can be expected after one or two applications?

4. Show us one or two facial exercises that help increase circulation to the under-chin area.

5. Our eating habits have a lot to do with how our faces look. What foods should be avoided by someone who’s trying to re-shape his/her face and lose the double chin?

About Vicki Southard:
Creator of The Face Bra, a natural system that tightens and nourishes the skin while it deeply cleanses, Vicki initially created The Face Bra to naturally improve her own skin. She lives in Florida, close to the Gulf of Mexico, with her 2 children, husband, and several animals.