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Rabe to Cormac McCarthy: “You’re a typewriter traitor!”

“Cormac’s a softy,” said Rabe through his cigar as he pounded out yet another audience-favorite Off-Ramp episode on his faithful Hermes Rocket. He had just heard the news that Cormac McCarthy is giving up the Olivetti Lettera 32 that he’s been using since 1963 to write books like “The Road” and “Blood Meridian.”

Speaking of his own trusty portable, which he’s been using since the Korean War era, when he wrote “Steel Helmet” for Sam Fuller, Rabe shrugged. “Sure, Hermes is missing the E, the X, and the exclamation point. So what it nobody in my show, or my numerous best-selling novels, can’t have sex, get excited, or use a Xerox!? I just have to get creative.”

Rabe also scoffs at the auction for McCarthy’s typewriter. “Send it to me, Cormac. I’ll use my right hand to type your next novel for you, and my left to type another opening monologue for Peter Sagal.”