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Snow-shoveling tips – or, another reason to not use mass e-mail programs

Here’s an e-mail I got today that tickles me. Not because 99% of Off-Ramp listeners won’t be shoveling a single flake of snow this year, but because of schadenfreude. Having spent about 30 years shoveling snow (in Sault Ste Marie, East Lansing, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia), I take pleasure in being reminded that I don’t have to do it anymore.

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

December PSA—Avoiding Winter Injury: 60 seconds

Every winter, millions of Americans grab their shovels and start digging their way out of the snow and into pain. Shoveling snow improperly can lead to potential spasms, strains, and aches. When shoveling snow, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress suggests the following tips to maintain overall health:

- Always stretch and warm-up before shoveling
- Wear extra layers to maintain muscle warmth and flexibility
- Avoid sudden twisting and turning motions
- Limit the amount of weight lifted per load
- Bend your knees, not your back
- Take frequent breaks to avoid body fatigue

If you happen to experience discomfort or pain as a result of shoveling snow, please contact your local chiropractor.

To find out more information please visit the Foundation at: W W W DOT YES TWO CHIROPRACTIC DOT ORG, or call 866-901-3427 … that’s 866-901-3427.
The only things I'd add:

-- Hire a neighbor kid to do it while you watch.

-- Ask yourself, seriously, why you live in Fargo when you could be living in Montebello, Arcadia, Echo Park, or Playa Vista, sipping a mai tai and watching the Weather Channel.

-- John