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Steve Julian puts on his restaurant reviewer hat for new/old Villa Sombrero in Highland Park

(Manuel Salazar, who reopened Villa Sombrero. Credit: Steve Julian)

I have never – ever – had a favorite restaurant reopen as it was. The original Lowenbrau is no more. Algemac’s on San Fernando is reopening as a cofffee shop, but it ain't gonna be the same without the original Googieosity. Alto Palato is dead and mourned by many. And that little sandwich joint in Saint Paul was killed by Subway.

But in Highland Park, un milagro has happened, and we can now officially tell Tom Wolfe to go to hell, and buy a new suit while he's at it.

Steve Julian, our local Morning Edition host, gushes gustatorily about it in the LA Weekly's Squid Ink food section.

Nice work, Steve. I guess it’s time to go back. Alas, I’m allergic to avocado -- but not margaritas.

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